Name: Louis Pisano
AKA: The King of Roncesvalles
Hometown: Toronto (Roncesvalles), Ontario, Canada
For Media Contact and Opportunities:

Follow me on Twitter! @KingofRoncy and check out and watch for the show “Get The Puck Out” with me and my Bleacher Report counterpart Mark “The Hard Hitter” Ritter.

I have been given the honour of being a featured columnist on the Toronto Maple Leafs by the Bleacher Report family, cheers! Still love to write on NBA NFL MLB and other NHL teams.

110,085 article views on and counting!

Sports is real…It’s not the Jerry Springer show…Sports is real…It is not propaganda cooked up by the government…Sports is real! It’s athletes striving to be the best at what they do. So much of life is a farce. Sports is real…Whether it’s an NFL LB smashing a RB head on, that hit happened…Sports is real… Whether it’s Rick Nash dangling around 3 or 4 players and burying the puck for an unbelievable goal…It happened…Sports is real. You get the idea…Sports is real…and it’s really happening. I love Sports!

While working for T.O. Sports Magazine and, big ups to The Captain, I’ve interviewed quite a number of athlete’s including pretty much the whole Blue Jays team, Ryan Howard, Evan Longoria, Andy Petitie, and other Baseball players, Usain Bolt, Donovan Bailey, Perdita Felicien. All the 2008/09 Toronto Marlies, a number of the Toronto Maple Leafs. While covering the Marlies I interviewed Nikita Filatov during his stint with the Syracuse Crunch and Tyler Bozak, when he was signed by Toronto, Justin Abdelkader and Darren McCarty (with the Grand Rapids Griffins) Many others as well and I have all of these interviews archived for future reference.

All the best!


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